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How To Find A Good Local Dog Walker

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Choosing a Local Dog Walker

There are a lot of great reasons to hire a dog walker. Whatever your reason, finding the right local dog walker can make a wonderful difference in your dog’s life, and in yours. So here are some tips on finding good local dog walkers, things to look for and questions to ask to ensure that you’re choosing the best dog walker for you and your dog.

Where To Look For A Local Dog Walkerlocal dog walker

There are as many dog walkers out there as there are reasons for needing one. Here are some ideas on the best places to begin your search.

  • The internet is a great place to start. Any reputable, local dog walker will feature online when you type a search into Google terms such a ‘Local dog walker near me’.
  • Ask your local dog-owning family members, friends and neighbors if they use a dog walker they can recommend.  Your “network” can be a great place to start, depending on what your dog walking needs are.
  • Look in your local area for any adverts, such as in your local post office or message board.

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Questions To Ask Your Dog Walker Before You Hire

Once you’ve found a couple of potential candidates, there are some important questions you should ask. After all, you need to trust your dog walker not just with your dog’s health and activity, but also with their safety. In many cases, your dog walker will also be given access to your home. So these interviews aren’t something to overlook.

Business Basics

  1. How long have you been in business? What’s your experience with dogs?
  2. Are you licensed, DBS checked and insured?
  3. What are your rates and payment schedule?
  4. What’s your cancellation policy?
  5. If you can’t do a walk is there another dog walker who can cover for you?
  6. How many dogs do you walk at any one time?

The Walks

  1. Do you walk more than one dog at a time? And if so, how many dogs do you walk at once? (Group on-leash walks with more than three dogs can be stressful for some dogs and challenging for novice dog walkers.)
  2. If you do walk dogs in groups, what’s your policy on walking dogs together that haven’t been spayed or neutered?
  3. Are you able to come at the time my dog needs? Where will you go and what will you do during the walks?
  4. Do you do any training work and reinforcement while on walks?
  5. Will you send pictures and updates from the walk?

Health and Safety

  1. What is your approach to training and correction? (It’s important that you and your dog walker are on the same page, and ideally that your dog walker uses only positive, rewards-based methods of training.
  2. Do you know a good local veterinarian and do you get permission from an owner to take a dog if necessary?
  3. Can you accommodate all of my dog’s needs? (This can mean anything from accommodating the special challenges of a specific breed, a medical condition, behavioral issues, or simply being able to adapt to your dog’s changing moods.)

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Things To Look Forlocal dog walker

Don’t always go for the cheapest local dog walker. This one sounds rather obvious, however frankly for a lot of people that’s exactly what they do. If it’s cheap then it’s cheap for a reason. Where are you losing out? You will be losing out somewhere. If someone is offering to walk your dog for £5 a dog walk, ask yourself, is this feasible? By the time they pay for fuel, car expenses, tax, accountants, marketing, insurances? 

Are they Insured & DBS checked? Again, this sounds really simple! Ask to see your pet sitters DBS certificate. Again, trust is the foundation of all relationships; make sure your pet & home isn’t in the hands of someone dangerous.

Does your dog(s) like the new dog walker? Dogs have amazing senses, and know when something is or isn’t right. The harsh reality is that sometimes unprofessional dog walkers just neglect, don’t attend, or limit the time they spend with your dog. Make sure this isn’t you! 

Trying out a dog walker

Now that all the questions have been asked and your list whittled down, it’s time for the “dog walker test drive.” As they say… actions speak louder than words. So you should see if your dog enjoys his/her trial walk. They’re often the only way to know that your dog—and you—are truly comfortable with your choice. A good reputable business will offer the first walk free of cost.

Taking care of your dog walker

Once you’ve found a good dog walker hold onto them like they’re gold… because they can be! It’s not just about treating them kindly and paying them what they’re worth, it goes beyond that. Here are some things you can do to help your dog walker feel appreciated:

  • Respect their schedule. Make every effort to avoid last minute cancellations and try to book as far in advance as possible.
  • If they have a website, Facebook or other promotional page, give them a great review. Just like when you were searching for a dog walker—it helped to hear others’ experiences and recommendations. Point out what makes them unique and/or what you love most about their service.
  • And, of course, a simple “thank you” goes a long way as well.


Leaving a dog at home all day when you can’t be there, for whatever reason, can be stressful for both you and your dog. The best alternative is undoubtedly to find a good, reliable local dog walker.

As long as you take the time to find the best dog walker or dog walking service, then you can go to work, or leave your dog for the day without the worry or the stress.  This will allow you the comfort of knowing your beloved dog or dogs are being well cared for and exercised in the familiarity their own local area.  You will come home to a happy and healthy dog!

If you feel a local dog walker is the best option for you dog and you live near Balsham, Linton or one of the surrounding villages then take a look at what we offer here at My Contented Pet.  We are a small local business, offering dog walking, pet and house sitting and small animal boarding.

Free consultation – We will come to meet you and your pet to discuss your exact requirements before we get started. Our aim is to offer bespoke, seamless care for all our pets and pet owners!

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