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7 Tips To Find The Best Pet Sitter For Your Much-Loved Pets

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Finding a responsible, professional pet sitter over a boarding facility is a preferable option for most. So here are 7 tips to find the best pet sitter to care for your pet while you can’t be there.

Let’s face it, anyone can look good on paper and even display impressive credentials selling their expertise at pet sitting. However a good, trustworthy pet sitter will show some ‘above and beyond’ qualities.

What Ask At The Consultation Stage To Find The Best Pet Sitter:Find The Best Pet Sitter

A good pet sitter will offer a free consultation. Here are some great questions to ask:

Can you provide written proof of public liability insurance coverage to cover accidents and negligence?
Never, under any circumstances, employ a pet sitter or dog walker without full insurance cover.

Do you have a contract? 
Make sure you study the contract and ask as many questions as needed. The potential pet sitter should be noting everything down as you speak.

Do you have a plan in place in case of accidents?
Accidents and mishaps happen, and you’ll want to select a person who is experienced and resourceful enough to protect your pet as well as you would. A comprehensive veterinary and/or partner pet sitter network should provide help if needed.

How do you store our house keys?
The prospective pet sitter will have complete access to your home and personal belongings, as well as being entrusted to care for your pet. Make sure keys are kept in a safe place, and cannot be linked to your house by others.

Are you a local business? 
This is important when you want to find the best pet sitter. Make sure you pick a local, preferably small business. Study their contracts and ask as many questions as you need to.

Would you like to meet our pet?
A qualified pet sitter should agree to your request to have them visit your home so you can watch them interact with your pet. What better way to feel at ease than knowing your pets approve of your choice!

Do you administer medication?
For older and special needs pets, the potential sitter should document medication, feeding, and other health-related cycles.

What to Look For in a Pet/House SitterFind The Best Pet Sitter

You want to have complete peace of mind when you are away. Of course you want to find the best pet sitter, so here are a few things you need to check out:

  • Make sure you get references – if the person comes highly recommended by other pet owners you know – all the better
  • Does the company have forms with them which consist of questions they will ask you so that all your pet’s needs are correctly met and all this needs to be done well in advance of your departure?
  • Make sure you have an “emergency plan” in place and that your pet sitter has one too. You need to be sure they would be able to handle an emergency situation should the need arise.
  • Make sure your vet knows you are going to be away on holiday and that if anything untoward should happen to your pet or pets.  Make sure the sitter is able to take them to the vet so they are treated no matter what.
  • You also need to make sure the pet sitter can get in touch with you when you are away. If they cannot reach you, they should have a contact telephone number of someone you know.


Leaving a dog or a cat in a home environment when you are away on holiday, is so much nicer for them. They don’t have to go through the upheaval of being taken to kennels where there is usually lot of noise and unfamiliar smells. This can stress out dogs and cats especially when their owners are nowhere in sight.

As long as you take the time to find the best pet sitter or pet sitting service, then you can go away for a well deserved break.  This will allow you the comfort of knowing your beloved pet or pets are being well cared for in the familiarity their own home.

If you feel a local pet sitter is the best option for your pet and you live near Balsham or one of the surrounding villages then take a look at what we offer here at My Contented Pet.  We are a small local business, offering dog walking, pet and house sitting.

Free consultation – We will come to meet you and your pet to discuss your exact requirements before we get started. Our aim is to offer bespoke, seamless care for all our pets and pet owners!

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